My Pregnant Husband Will Air On TLC This Month

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TLC’s Extraordinary People Series Continues With Transmasculine & Transmen Who Are Pregnant

The TLC Network has long brought progressive and LGBTQ+ stories to the frontlines through its programming. In its latest summer series, Extraordinary People, the channel follows unique persons with varying stories. Someone you may recognize from one of their single episode specials is Jyoti Amge, the world’s smallest woman, who had a recurring role in American Horror Story: Freakshow. Two other familiar faces will be Chicago-based married couple, Precious Brady-Davis and Myles Brady-Davis, who are a transgender woman and transmasculine, respectively. The couple previously appeared on Say Yes To The Dress where Precious would become the network’s first transgender bride. The Brady-Davis’ along with another couple, a cisgendered woman and a transgender man who is pregnant, will appear in the special episode, My Pregnant Husband, premiering on July 23rd.



According to Yahoo!, Precious talks of the lead-up to the birth of her daughter and Myles’ incredible pregnancy. After meeting one another while working together at Chicago’s LGBTQ center, their relationship was nudged towards romance by writer, director, and LGBTQ star, Janet Mock.  From the beginning of their relationship, both wanted children – with one another. The couple tried for two years and finally would end up pregnant after IVF. Despite growing concerns over Myles’ safety, he continued to take the bus to work rather than ride sharing daily. On the day of their baby shower, Myles was at a major retail store when he was identified as a shoplifter due to having a large belly – subsequently was handcuffed and tossed on the ground in a moment of pure prejudice.

In December 2019, the couple’s daughter was born. For the first time recorded in Illinois after being approved by state officials, Precious is labeled on the birth certificate as the mother and Myles as the father. The couple’s journey to parenthood is a journey we will all get to experience in the TLC special.

 TLC’s Senior Vice President, Rick Holzman, is proud to showcase incredible stories from persons who have been hidden in the shadows of media for years. Holzman states:


“TLC honors people from all walks of life in our programming. These specials tell the unique and remarkable stories of people who face overwhelming challenges every day of their lives. And, while their conditions are extremely rare, those at the center of each story yearn for love, understanding, and a sense of belonging.”

My Pregnant Husband premieres on the TLC Network on July 23rd. Don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer below:

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