‘Mysterious Ways’ Depicts Struggles of Gay Couple in the Church

‘Mysterious Ways’ is a new independent film from New Zealand, which was written by Kiwi writer Dianna Fuemana and Paul Oremland, who also directed the feature.

(c) Mysterious Ways

The movie is expected to navigate the struggle for recognition of gay marriage in the church. A synopsis of ‘Mysterious Ways’ via Socialite Life reads:


“The film follows the media storm that threatens the marriage between an Anglican Vicar – played by Richard Short and his Samoan boyfriend – played by Nick Afoa after they announce their intentions to have a traditional wedding in the church.”

In a recent interview with the outlet, Oremland revealed the inspiration behind making the film, stating:

“[…] I was brought up in a fundamentalist church and I just see from personal experience the harm and the pain that so many young and older Christian and not just Christian, but religious, gay people who want to have faith struggle with […]”

“And so, I wanted to make a film that explored this, but didn’t just attack the church because I just felt for me, it’s about love. And I think when the church works well, it provides community.” he further expressed.


Moreover, ‘Mysterious Ways’ is set to debut in the US on Vudu, iTunes and Google+ on April 30. 

Source: socialitelife.com

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