N.C. Teacher Returns To Classroom After Being Suspended For Showing Anti-Bullying Video.


Back in September of 2013, a North Carolina Teacher Was Suspended For Playing 'Same Love' Music Video For Students.

When contacted about the matter, Alexander County Schools Associate Superintendent Dr. Jeff Peal stated, “At West Alexander Middle School, there was an inappropriate video shown in class, outside the bounds of the curriculum, that called for disciplinary action last week. That teacher will be back in school this week.”

Peal declined to comment further and did not name the teacher who was disciplined. He did confirm that the video was a music video by a rap artist named Macklemore entitled "Same Love."

According to online reports of the video, the song has a theme that is inclusive of homosexual values. – Instinct, 9/2013

With the amount of sex, drugs, and violence kids see in the schools aready, imagine how damaging a video about love could be.

Controversy over using a video in a classroom struck another N.C. school this month when an anti-bullying video was played to students.

The video was shown in North Lincoln High School teacher Kimberly Fernetti's class, according to officials at Lincoln County Schools.

Some parents weren't happy about the content, alerting the superintendent's office, which led to Fernetti's suspension while school officials investigate.

But one student said told Channel 9 Monday that not everyone is upset by the video.

"I think it's a great message to get out in the school," he said. "I personally have dealt with bullying, so I think it’s good to get the point across that 'Hey, it's not OK to pick on somebody.'"

That sentiment was echoed by a family member of another student outside the school.

"I don’t think it was vulgar or anything. I think it's better to be aware and to know the possibility of what kids' actions could do," that person said. – wsoctv.com


The entire video is available on YouTube and has been inserted below. It shows the deadly consequences of bullying.  Sounds like a controversial topic for high schoolers to talk about, no?  It is believed how the information about bullying was presented within the video caused the teacher's suspension.

The 20-minute video "Love is all you need?" follows a young girl growing up in a flipped world where homosexuality is the "norm." She is bullied by her peers since she is not normal, a breeder, and likes boys.  The bullying escalates into vocal and physical violence and then an attempted suicide. 

Now if this was shown in a math class, I may question its place. Or if it was shown without follow up, discussion, suicide prevention information, etc, there maybe issues. It is a creative way to look at the topic.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.


h/t:  wsoctv.com

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