N0t Listed Open The ‘BopShop’ With Their New Single ‘Close My Eyes’

No one doesn’t love a good old fashioned “bop” to hit the dance floor to, so the New York City based group N0t Listed are delivering a whole package of them with BopShop, their debut EP. Mixing the perfect combination of dance, pop and R&B, the tracks on BopShop are perfect for a night at the club as much as a night at home prepping for a “late night kiki”. “We wanted the mood of this EP to be the three F’s: Fun, Fierce and Fab,”. The new single “Close My Eyes,” the EP’s second single, is both the moodiest and darkest on BopShop.

Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz

Leo, Kayvon and Josh are the dynamic talents that make up the group known as N0t Listed. Three southern guys of very different ethnic backgrounds (Josh is Mexican American, Kayvon is Iranian American, and Leo is African American), they originally came together in the underground queer circuit of New York City. They each also represent a certain sect of the LGBTQUIA community; Josh identifies as gay, Leo as bisexual and Kayvon identifies as non-binary and pansexual.


With messages about trying to escape or pretend one’s way out of a bad situation, N0t Listed serves up a heavy dose of drama merged with a strong electro bass beat and an instantly infectious chorus. The accompanying music video (directed and conceptualized by Mike Ruiz) is “trippy, like an acid trip gone wrong, with the guys dressed in eye-catching lewks”.

Photo Courtesy-Mike Ruiz

“The concept behind the video is based on a dream sequence,” explains Ruiz. “I compiled visual ideas that reflected a non-linear, abstract world that is the stuff of dreams and nightmares.” Ruiz also was sure to weave in every aspect of queer nightlife culture that the band themselves love, including fashion, makeup and dance.

“Every track on the EP is a bop but “Close My Eyes” and our previous single, “Ridin’ This Wave” are definitely both songs that let it all out on the dance floor,” says Kayvon. “They are kind of the yin to the other’s yang.”

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