Naked 21-Year-Old Man, High On Meth, Arrested For Lewd Act In North Dakota Church

Guys, meth is no joke. Hopefully that part isn’t news.


Anyway, as reported by KFYR, a 21-year-old man named Zachary Burdick has created quite a ruckus. Earlier this month, Burdick charged into Spirit of Life Roman Catholic Church in Mandan, North Dakota completely nude. According to police, he was high on crystal meth.

Burdick hopped into the church’s holy water fountain. Then he got out and masturbated in the aisles. And yes, this was during a service. About 70 people were attending mass.

According to reports, Burdick was asked to leave by the church earlier in the day for offering to bless churchgoers with the Book of Mormon. It’s more than worth mentioning that the church also houses a preschool. Children were in the building during the incident, but documents say they weren't in the same room fortunately. 

The church now must drain, sterilize and re-bless the holy water. The cost of this is estimated to be $500.


Burdick, was arrested for ingestion of meth, criminal mischief and indecent exposure, On his Facebook page, he describes himself as a “rapper, producer [and] songwriter.”

It’s easy to joke about this, and I’ll concede that on the surface it is undeniably entertaining and attention-grabbing. In all seriousness though, here’s hoping Burdick gets the help he needs.


For more on this: KFYR




5 thoughts on “Naked 21-Year-Old Man, High On Meth, Arrested For Lewd Act In North Dakota Church”

  1. since when do you have to be

    since when do you have to be Gay to do a dumb ass stunt like this….he was doped up om meth  no more  need be said


  2. Guys, the answer is simple…

    Guys, the answer is simple… 

    They linked the story to us because obviously the only stories us gays seem to be interested in is naked men doing dirty things. For Christs sake.. they post stories about men who molest young kids.. I don't see there's a link there but somehow Instinct seems to find one. Smh.. We've painted ourselves as morally corrupt, sexual deviants and that's all that seems to sell these days.

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  4. Please explain the relevance

    Please explain the relevance of what-seems-to-be-a-Mormom-dude's-missionary-mis-adventures is to us gay folk. Certainly you don't think that his meth abuse somehow links him to us; or do you?


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