Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Causes A Scene In NYC

A "statue" of Hillary Clinton in New York City was the center of a little brawl this morning.  Recalling the activity around the Donald Trump statues that popped up all over the nation, which were camera flashes, selfies, and hardly any violence, this response to the former first lady caricature was quite different.

An artist erected an obscene statue of Hillary Clinton in downtown Manhattan Tuesday morning causing a heated fight between defenders of the profane piece of protest art and women trying to tear it down.

The grotesque caricature of the Democratic candidate appeared outside the Bowling Green station during morning rush hour on Tuesday and shows Clinton with hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her bare breasts.

The statue was up for less than three hours before an enraged woman toppled it over and started yelling at the statue’s creator.

Video of the dispute shows the museum worker struggling with the artist who erected the statue, who identified himself as 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, as he tried to prop the structure back up. At one point during the tussle, the woman sits down on the statue to prevent Scioli from picking it back up. –





Was this statue different because it basically portrayed Clinton whoring herself out to Wall Street bankers? 

Was this more offensive than the Donald Trump statue?

What do you think? 





What do you think?