Nasty Pig’s MIke Massraf is Our Eye Candy of the Week!

The Nasty Pig brand already has a bevy of smoking hot models who rock their unique line of clothing on television and in the magazines, but their employees that they have at their flagship NYC store are (not surprisingly) just as sexy.  Case in point?  Their sales manager Mike Massraf, otherwise known as Mike Mazz on Instagram, who is our pick for Hottie of the Week!

It's hard to believe just how absurdly good looking this guy is, and on top of that he happens to be one of the nicest and friendliest dudes out there even though his look could be a bit intimidating to some.

He also has developed quite the popular following on OnlyFans (link here), which has become to go to site for big time social media influencers to hop onto in order to give their followers that extra special "something."

These five photos below definitely earn Mike the title of Hottie of the Week, as he may just be the sexiest store employee we have ever seen.  Go give him a big hello the next time you are in NYC, he's even better in person (wink, wink). 


Goofin at work #nastypig

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Tan lines, check

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Arm workout and my face says it all, I’m beat! #gym #armworkout #dead

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