Natalie Portman on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: “So Gay”

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has hit cinemas on July 6 in some countries, and the film’s cast and director opens up about the LGBTQ+ representation in the anticipated Marvel movie.


In an interview with Daily Telegraph, director Taika Waititi addressed the queer representation in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ saying, “It’s 2022 and we’re still having this conversation, it’s insane.”

He continued, “To think people will go to a movie and go ‘did you see those two women kissing’… it’s insane [that] people still want to talk about that. Why is it not normalized?”


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“The good thing about [diverse representation] in these films, it’s mainstream movies where we get to see this and it’s normalized. I think that’s what’s cool. Way more people are going to see that and begin to understand it’s fine,” the New Zealand filmmaker further stated.

During a ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ screening, Natalie Portman also commented that the movie is “so gay.” And to that, Waititi added, “super gay!”


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As of this writing, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has a rating of 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.


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