Nathan Lane Is All Praise for Husband Devlin Elliott on Heart’s Day

Nathan Lane honored his husband Devlin Elliott on Valentine’s Day, praising him during an appearance in ‘The View’ on Tuesday.

Aside from promoting his Broadway show, Pictures From Home, the 67-year-old actor also talked about how he celebrates heart’s day. He told the hosts that he is a “a romantic every day of the year” to husband and playwright-producer Elliott.

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“In fact, my husband and I just said, ‘Let’s not do anything on Valentine’s Day. It’s about doing it every day,’ that kind of appreciation,” Lane shared.

He continued,

“Look, we’ve been together 25 years. We’ve been married for 10. Oh, wait no, we’ve been married seven years, we lived together for 10 years.”

Like any relationship, the actor admitted that he and Elliott “had our ups and downs,” and also revealed that they “had a year off for good behavior.” Despite that, Lane shared how great of an impact his husband is in his life, expressing:


“But we’ve been together 25 years and he’s the greatest person in the world and I couldn’t get through my life without him.”

In November 2015, Lane and Elliott got married at New York City’s City Hall after 18 years together.

Moreover, the actor’s Broadway show, Pictures From Home, is now playing at Studio 54 in New York City.


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