Naughty Boy: Britney Spears Spanks Andy Cohen During Her Concert

Andy Cohen got to experience what many of us would love to do on any given day: get spanked by the one and only Britney Spears

The Watch What Happens Live host joined the pop legend on stage during her tour stop in New York City this week (Radio City Music Hall to be exact) where he became her "victim" of sorts for a short period of time.

He got down on all fours at one point and took it good while Britney did her song "Freakshow" from the 2007 album Blackout. The funniest part about all of this was that even when she saw him, and kind of knew who he was, she still didn't remember his name. "I think you all know who this is … Give it up for him!” she exclaimed.

Britney also threw him some shade after she signed a t-shirt for him and he walked off the stage. "Ow … ears … he’s loud.”

Naturally Andy shared all about the naughty experience on his Instagram Wednesday, captioning it with "“He’s Loud!” – @britneyspears#ItsBritneyBitch (by the way crawling onstage is my new favorite thing in the world and I want to do it every day)."

Andy also discussed the situation in length on his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, where he knew he was going to be on stage ahead of time but didn't want to know anything else.

He also mentioned not taking an edible prior to it happening, because he didn't know how "that would go on stage." Good thinking. 


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