NC Legislators To Repeal HB2 Bathroom Law Tuesday!

We're so happy with Roy Cooper.  We wish we could have voted for him, but we don't live in North Carolina.  But we can send him a viral hug from all over, especially if all goes well TOMORROW.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th, this whole HB2 crap (pun intended) will be over.

One down and too many to go.


Gov.-elect Roy Cooper (D-N.C.) says North Carolina legislators will be meeting Tuesday to repeal the state's controversial "bathroom law," according to several reports.

Cooper said he spoke with North Carolina Senate Leader Phil Berger (R) and state House Speaker Tim Moore (R), who said the law would be repealed during a special session.

“I hope they will keep their word to me and with the help of Democrats in the legislature, HB2 will be repealed in full,” Cooper said, as reported by the Charlotte Observer. –


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The bathroom law, which sparked a national controversy, prohibits people from using bathrooms that don't match their biological sex. Critics said it discriminated against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit against it earlier this year.

North Carolina business leaders also had voiced their opposition. Cooper’s announcement comes after the Charlotte City Council unanimously voted to rescind the LGBT ordinates that led to the bill, the Observer reported.

The controversial law was signed by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory in March. McCrory lost his reelection bid in a close vote to Cooper.  –


Applause Applause!  We really do hope that HB2 dies tomorrow. 
Thanks again Roy Cooper. Excuse me, thank you Governor Roy Cooper for watching out for all of your citizens.

We knew he would swing this way, especially after he released this video this past March.





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