Neil Patrick Harris Had the Final Say on His ‘Uncoupled’ D*ck Pic

Neil Patrick Harris is starring in an upcoming Netflix entitled ‘Uncoupled,’ and he apparently had the final say on crucial details of the show, such as his character’s d*ck pic. Yes, you read it right!


During the series’ premiere event, Harris talked about the difficult decision that he had to make saying,

“Not only did I get approval. I was asked to choose said d*ck, which is harder than you think, no pun intended.”

Trust the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star to make an unintentional witty statement about choosing a d*ck. >_<


The 49-year-old actor shared that the first option was “a flaccid latex phallus that was left in my dressing room,” but that didn’t pass. He continued, “It was not okay because I’m more proud of Michael’s member than something that is mass-produced, that you can purchase online.”

“We started looking through photos of people who have taken pics of their dongs in locker rooms. And you had to find the right angle and girth and manscapery. I think we found the right mix. I’m proud of what I’m packing downstairs,” Harris concluded.

D*ick pic aside, ‘Uncoupled’ is a gay rom-com that tells the story of Michael Lawson (Harris) who is a newly single gay real estate broker. After 17 years of being in a relationship, he now has to dabble in the modern dating scene, which proves to be more challenging.


One of Michael’s (Harris) challenges was creating an eye-catching dating profile, to which his friend Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas) suggested, “You need a d*ck pic. You won’t get anywhere on this without one.”

‘Uncoupled’ is an eight-episode series, and it will be released on July 29 on Netflix.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

3 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris Had the Final Say on His ‘Uncoupled’ D*ck Pic”

  1. Just finished watching the show it was funny,sad,and very entertaining lot’s of eye candy,and Neil Patrick Harris had his clothes off more than on,but i’m not complaining he’s very nice looking.

  2. Am I the only one who’s noticed that the sound goes out for the last couple minutes of each episode? I have my subtitles on, so at least I can read the dialogue, but why is this happening? I don’t think it’s my TV, because it’s happened with Episodes 1-5 (I’m on #6 right now).

    Other than that, I love the series. I can relate to so much of it!


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