Net Neutrality Cannot Be Repealed!

Net Neutrality Cannot Be Repealed!

Netflix and Porn Are At Risk, People!

It's likely been the trending topic on your social media all day: Net Neutrality. Alright, call me ignorant, but I haven't heard of this today and I am completely outraged. Even though we reported on this back in July. Am I at risk of losing some of my favorite television shows from Netflix and one of my favorite hobbies…porn?! Those things are literally how I spend my time in between working on various blogs for you to read. What am I, no, we going to do about this. Can we do something?!

According to Business Insider, the Federal Communications Commission (AKA: those bastards, the FCC) which requires all internet providers to treat all data online equally. Companies could be charging more for data used when watching videos, messaging, any website of their choosing! Are we suppose to be saying goodbye to email as well?

The FCC is voting themselves to see if they can roll back the Obama-era ruling of Net Neutrality. Ugh, Obama – please come back to us? It's been such a headache since you've left. It's looking like the FCC is going to repeal Net Neautrality. This has happened in Portugal. Business Insider gives us a chart of how Portugal has to pay for their various services, adult websites excluded. Check it out below:

Yeah, that's an extra $25 a month. That's so greedy and slimy! Ugh! Social media overwhelmingly agrees, claiming that it can end Internet all together:

We'll find out if Net Neutrality is repealed on December 14th. Funny enough, that is my best friend's birthday. So, I'm hoping that her good luck with exude all over this day? This is…stomach turning. Ugh!

What do you think?