Netflix Confirms Season 3 of Swedish LGBTQ+ Series ‘Young Royals’

Netflix officially confirmed that the Swedish LGBTQ+ series ‘Young Royals’ will be returning for its third and final season, and the streaming platform even teased the viewers a bit about what the future holds for Simon (Omar Rudberg) and Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding).


It is indeed a bittersweet news, and here are some of the viewers’ reactions on Twitter:



In an interview with Gay Times, the series’ head writer and co-creator Lisa Ambjörn shared that she has always envisioned the show’s story to be told within a span of three seasons.

“I’ve always imagined Young Royals being told in three parts, and because of the fans’ dedication to our story, we get to tell the last one,” she stated.

Meanwhile, ‘Young Royals’ star Rudberg told Digital Spy about his hopes for Simon and Wilhelm in the upcoming season sharing,


“One thing that I really just want to see is Simon and Wilhelm – will they be happy? So we can get a taste of the love. The 100% love – the unconditional love – and being together. That’s something that I want to see.”

“It can’t be like that all the time. It has to be interesting. It has to wake the feelings. But that’s something that I’m looking forward to, to see them like a ‘we against the world’ kind of thing. That would be so beautiful to see,” the actor further expressed.

Moreover, Rudberg and Ryding shared what they felt about their show’s third and final season in an interview with MTV:


The release date of ‘Young Royals’ Season 3 has yet to be announced. In the meantime, Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for streaming on Netflix.


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