Netflix Drops a Hot New Teaser for ‘Elite’ Season 6

Netflix recently dropped a teaser for the highly anticipated sixth season of the hit Spanish series ‘Elite,’ and it had a lot of steamy scenes from the cast members.

(c) Netflix | Elite: Season 6

‘Elite’ first came out in 2018, and it became a worldwide success as a lot of global viewers are a fan of the teen series. It is set in a prestigious school in Madrid called Las Encinas, wherein the lives of students are greatly influenced by money, mayhem, and murder.


Season 5 ended on a shocking note, and the fans of the show are very excited to see what’s next for the series. A lot of the original cast members have reportedly left ‘Elite’ after the fifth season, including Itzan Escamilla (Samuel), Omar Ayuso (Omar), Claudia Salas (Rebeka), and Georgina Amorós (Cayetana).

Spoiler incoming…

At the end of the fifth season, Benjamín (Diego Martín) attacks Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and cracks his head open, leaving it unclear whether or not Samuel dies. Moreover, Carla Díaz (Ari), Martina Cariddi (Mencía), Manu Rios (Patrick), Pol Granch (Phillipe), Valentina Zenere (Isadora), and André Lamoglia (Iván) will be returning for Season 6.

(c) Netflix | Elite: Season 6

In January 2022, Netflix also announced the five new stars that would be joining ‘Elite,’ namely Carmen Arrufat Blasco, Ana Bokesa, Álvaro de Juana, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig who is the series’ first trans main cast member.

‘Elite’ Season 6 is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 18. In the meantime, here’s the steamy teaser video to keep you even more excited!


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