Netflix Drops ‘Élite’ Season 7’s Super Steamy Official Trailer

It is finally here! Netflix recently dropped the highly anticipated official trailer of ‘Élite’ Season 7, which is certainly not short of wild parties and steamy scenes…

(c) Netflix / Elite Season 7

The video teases the return of Omar Ayuso’s character, Omar Shanaa, in Las Encinas where he is getting it on with a new hottie, who is portrayed by Fernando Líndez. The “sensitive new guy” is named Joel, and it seems like he is set for a wild ride in the show’s new season.


Another newcomer in the hit Spanish series is bisexual pop goddess Anitta, who is playing the role of a new self-defense professor named Jessica. Moreover, the official synopsis of ‘Élite’ Season 7 reads:

“Omar is living life at the university and far away from Las Encinas, but he is unable to move on. The guilt he feels for Samuel’s death and the suffering from that period are still very much present, leading him to undergo therapy.”

The newly released trailer shows how Omar and the other students of Las Encinas overcome personal challenges. We also see them partying the night away, as well as pairing up for some V hot scenes that will leave the viewers thirsty for more.

(c) Netflix / Elite Season 7

Not to mention, André Lamoglia’s character also hooks up with the same new hottie as Omar, so you know that we’re in for some super spicy new episodes. 😉 ‘Élite’ Season 7 is set to be released on Netflix on October 20.

In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer where Lamoglia and Ayuso get steamy with Líndez:


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