Netflix Drops ‘Elite’ Season 8’s Emotional Official Teaser

Netflix recently dropped the official teaser of ‘Elite’ Season 8, which is also the final part of the hit Spanish Netflix series. The show is known for its LGBTQ+ representation, as well as served as a breakthrough for stars, including Manu Rios and André Lamoglia, among others.


According to Digital Spy, the cast of the final season will likely include: Omar Ayuso, Valentina Zenere, Maribel Verdú, André Lamoglia, Carmen Arrufat, Ander Puig, Nadia Al Saidi, Fernando Líndez, Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Alejandro Albarracín, and Iván Mendes.

Not to mention, Mina El Hammani is set to return in the show to reprise her role as Nadia Shanaa. Season 8 will also include newcomers Ane Rot as Emilia and Nuno Gallego as Héctor. At a press conference, series creator Carlos Montero confirmed:

“We are shooting the eighth season, which will be the last season of Elite. We ended on a high note. Jaime [Vaca, co-showrunner for season 7], Netflix and I thought it was time to end it. I say this with great regret because it’s been several incredible years in which I’ve met wonderful actors, we’ve worked with all the directors we wanted to work with and we’ve had the luxury of having Maribel these last two seasons.”

“Élite changed everyone’s life, there are actors who started with us and it has been their springboard to be now world stars, it is happening to this cast and it is a pride to have contributed to that and to know that they have seen us all over the world and liked it,” Montero further expressed.


Moreover, ‘Elite’ Season 8 is speculated to premiere in autumn of 2024. In the meantime, you can check out the official teaser here:


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  1. Incredible, gripping series; stunning actors; lots of cliffhanger moments. I’ll probably binge-watch all 8 runs again.


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