Netflix Drops Manu Rios’ Super Steamy ‘Breathless’ Teaser

Netflix recently released the date announcement video for ‘Breathless’, and it is HOT AF, featuring steamy scenes from Manu Rios and his co-stars.


‘Breathless’ is a medical drama from ‘Elite’ creator Carlos Montero, which reunites him with Rios, who also previously starred in the hit Spanish Netflix series. A synopsis of the show via Variety reads:

“The Joaquín Sorolla is much more than a public hospital in Valencia where lives are saved every day. Doctors and residents work their fingers to the bone in the frenetic pace of the emergency room, where tensions, emotions and even desire accelerate the hearts of a staff that lives increasingly on the edge. The arrival of a distinguished patient highlights the complicated situation of the public health system, lighting the fuse for what will become an unprecedented and drastic strike.”

Rios is playing the role of Biel, who is one of the overworked residents at Joaquín Sorolla hospital. In the date announcement video, the viewers can see a glimpse of how intense the characters’ work life at the hospital is, as well as how steamy their personal relationships are. Not to mention, the video teases a sexy man-on-man action.

(c) Netflix / Breathless

Moreover, Montero talked about ‘Breathless’, expressing:

“The initial idea for this show came from that paradox, that dilemma, that to save the health care system as a whole, you may have to abandon the patients. It’s obviously a very extreme premise, but I think there is a very rich opportunity for storytelling there.”

‘Breathless’ consists of eight episodes, and they are set to be released on Netflix on August 30.


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