Netflix Drops RuPaul’s Series Trailer

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AJ And The Queen Releases Colorful Trailer With Many Surprising Cameo Appearances

Since buzz started in May, anyone who is a fan of RuPaul has been anticipating the full trailer for his first ever scripted series, AJ And The Queen. Stemming from the mind of never-has-a-day-off RuPaul and Sex and the City’s Michael Patrick King, we can rest assured that we’re in for the time of our lives. RuPaul has been working on becoming RuPaul since before most of us were even a thought, so to see his latest project come to life on a huge streaming platform like Netflix is pretty incredible. We were teased last month with a sneak peek of the series, but now Netflix has released the full trailer.

In the trailer, we get more of a glimpse into the series. RuPaul stars as Ruby Red, a drag queen who has saved up one hundred thousand dollars (RuPaul’s Drag Race pun, anyone?) and appears to have the money taken from him by a former lover. He sets on a journey to make a cross country road trip while affecting the lives of those he meets. Essentially, it looks like RuPaul is basically going to hop from bar to bar performing, no – slaying – in performances. Seriously, we are due for a RuPaul performance in every episode. Henney, count me in! RuPaul continues to show us all that he is still and will always be the most recognized and talented drag queen to ever exist. Along the way, Ruby Red encounters AJ (Izzy Gaspersz) a ten-year-old, flamboyant boy with an addict mother, who becomes a sassy sidekick. It’s looking like mega hunk Josh Segarra of Orange is the New Black fame will portray RuPaul’s messy ex who scams her. Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) and Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World) are also featured, along with a handful – seriously, there’s almost too many to count – Drag Race alumni like Ginger Minj, Bianca Del Rio, Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor and Latrice Royale. The trailer gives us mega Too Wong Foo vibes, which is nothing short of amazing.

While the trailer is here and the series January 10th release date is just around the corner, now I only await the troll comments – you know someone is going to talk about the seemingly adult content we’re about to be showcased compared to the age of the young co-star, especially in two scenes as the child is shown either wearing or glorifying prosthetic rubber breasts (a breastplate) often worn by drag queens. This is not child endangerment or sexualizing a child. We’re even treated to a sarcastic joke in the trailer when the young AJ claims he will tell Ruby Red has “touched” him inappropriately if Ruby refuses to meet his demands. When I was a preteen and deeply rooted in the closet, I could have only wished for someone like RuPaul to actively care for me and have my back. We aren’t given a lot of details just yet, but without question, this series is sure to be a hit – and legendary.

Don’t forget to join in on the fun and count all of the Drag Race alumni you can count in the official AJ And The Queen’s trailer below:

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