Netflix Drops Trailer for Queer Teen Drama ‘Everything Now’

Netflix recently dropped the official trailer of ‘Everything Now’, which is a British queer teen drama set in “the chaotic world of sixth form.”

TW: mentions of mental health issues and eating disorder

(c) Netflix / Everything Now

Sophie Wilde is portraying the main character of 16-year-old Mia who “returns home after a lengthy recovery from an eating disorder.” The trailer shows how Mia struggles to adjust to being back in school, eventually discovering that “her friends are way ahead of her.”

As per Gay Times, the synopsis of ‘Everything Now’ reads:

“[Mia] is thrust back into the chaotic world of sixth form only to find that her friends have moved on with teen life without her. Along with an ever-evolving bucket list, three best mates and a major new crush, Mia throws herself headfirst into a world of dating, parties and first kisses, soon discovering that not everything in life can be planned for.”

(c) Netflix / Everything Now

Moreover, writer and creator Ripley Parker noted that the eight-episode series is focused on “mental health issues faced by many British teenagers, particularly those surrounding food and body image.”

‘Everything Now’ is set to premiere on Netflix on October 5. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:


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