Netflix ‘Elite’ Season 8’s Thrilling And Thirsty Official Trailer

Netflix recently released the official trailer of ‘Elite’s eighth and final season, and it seems to be wilder, steamier and more thrilling than ever!

(c) Netflix / Elite Season 8

Season 8 is set to introduce siblings Emilia (Ane Rot) and Héctor Krawietz (Nuno Gallego), the leaders of the Las Encinas alumni association, who are described to “shake the school foundations.” A synopsis of the show via Gay Times reads:


“Influential, powerful, corrupt and corrupters, the Krawietz will scatter chaos wherever they go and will destroy the lives of those who fall prey to them. Only Omar [Omar Ayuso] will be able to face them and will be willing to do anything to see them fall, because in the end, they represent everything that has always been wrong in Las Encinas.”

In the trailer, the original cast of the hit series is determined to find out whoever was behind the death of Joel, who is portrayed by Fernando Líndez. Aside from Líndez, ‘Elite’ Season 8 is also starring Omar Ayuso, André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Mirela Balić, Gleb Abrosimov, Nadia Al Saidi, Ander Puig, Carmen Arrufat, Mina el Hammani, Iván Mendes, and Maribel Verdú.

Moreover, ‘Elite’ Season 8 is set to be released on Netflix on July 26. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:


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