Netflix Is Streaming “Evening Shadows:” One Of India’s First LGBTQ-Themed Feature Films

Screenshot via YouTube @EveningShadowsFIlm

Western film lovers can now experience a piece of history.

Last year, India was graced with a historic Supreme Court ruling that decriminalized homosexuality. At the same time, India’s censorship bureau began approving tv episodes and films that depicted LGBTQ stories and love. Now, Netflix is streaming one of these films.

Just a month after Netflix released a short film to celebrate gay love in India, the streaming platform has released one of the first Indian gay romance films to receive wide praise and distribution.

Evening Shadows is a film about Mumbai-based photographer Kartik (Devansh Doshi) who returns to his childhood home in Southern India to come out to his stern father (Ananth Narayan Mahadevan) and docile mother (Mona Ambegaonkar). The mother, who’s fairly religious, then struggles with how to balance her beliefs and her love for her son. The film was crowd-funded by Director Sridhar Rangayan.

The 2018 film has been celebrated at several international festivals. It was screened at 55 festivals across the world and won awards at 16 of them.

But it wasn’t just critics who enjoyed the film. After finding the movie on Netflix, several internet users gave rave reviews on Twitter.

“Evening Shadows has been touching hearts and creating a very important bridge between LGBTQ communities and their families across the world,” said Rangayan.

“We are happy to continue not only its film festival run, but also continue to explore its exhibition at mainstream platforms.”

If this film interests you Western viewers, you can watch the trailer below and see it on Netflix now.

h/t: GayStarNews

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