Netflix Provides Visibility For Our Community, Here’s Its Latest Offer

Netflix reinforces their stance as the go-to for young adult entertainment with the recent release of the teaser for new teen LGBTQ romantic drama series ‘Heartstopper.’ 

The newly released teaser introduces Charlie and his alleged “straight boy crush” on soft-hearted rugby player Nick and overwhelms us with the adorable chemistry between them—all in one minute! 


If you’re one of the many who fell head over heels for Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, get ready to swoon over Heartstopper! The eight-part series follows two boys, Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), who meet at a British grammar school and develop feelings for each other.  

As fate would have it, Charlie and Nick were made to sit together in class one day. The two develop a friendship, until the openly gay Charlie finds himself falling for Nick and initially thinking he has zero chance. But love truly moves in surprising ways, as Nick eventually realizes he’s interested in Charlie, too. 


Heartstopper will treat you to a thoughtful, adorable narration of love, life, loyalty, and friendship while the story’s heroes deal with real-life challenges such as coming out and mental health issues.   

All eight episodes will be directed by award-winning director Euros Lyn, known for his work on Doctor Who, Sherlock, Daredevil, and more. 

Oseman was onboarded as program creator and screenplay writer, so fans of the graphic novel can expect that the series will stay true to its roots.  


Some fans are already obsessing over how the series seem to have captured the essence of the original illustrations, based on the trailer. They were also quick to post online side-by-side comparisons of scenes from the comic and clips from the teaser, confirming the show’s attention-to-detail and the dedication that went into staying true to the novel. 


Heartstopper arrives on Netflix on Friday, April 22nd, 2022—we can’t wait! 

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