Netflix Released A Mini-Episode Where The Fab 5 Visit A Town Called Yass

Did you already finish the second season of Queer Eye? Wish there was more? Well, Netflix has got you covered, because they just dropped a surprise episode on Youtube.

Even though the second season has only been out for a week, many have already binged the series and moved on to other things. In the second season, the Fab 5 were seen visiting a town called Gay and giving the first makeover to a transgender man in Queer Eye history.

But if you haven’t had enough of the Fab 5 just yet, you can enjoy them for a special 20-minute mini-episode found down below.

In the episode, the Fab 5 visit a town called Yass in New South Wales, Australia. While there, they not only see the sights, but they also take the time to give two makeovers.

The team fist meets a 50-year-old rancher named George who was initially scared of the group.

As Jonathan Van Ness said:  “I do think George has never had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani Brit ever come so aggressively at him for cuddles.”

Then, Antoni and Bobby went to a bistro in town to give its look and menu a total transformation.

Want to see how the final changes turned out? Check them out in the full video down below.

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