Netflix Reveals How Mason Alexander Park Was Casted As Desire

Sliding into one’s DMs has never been more successful until Mason Alexander Park did so with Neil Gaiman and an executive producer of ‘The Sandman.’ On August 10, Netflix revealed via Twitter how the 27-year-old actor landed the iconic character, Desire.


Park and Gaiman’s interaction started when the English author tweeted:

“People reading Sandman now are the last ones to get to read it in a world where there’s been no Sandman adaptation, where you can’t see it on a screen. I heard the groaning hinges of the world.”

And to that, the actor responded, 

“Will Desire be making an appearance S1? And if so, please tell me you haven’t found them yet/are still auditioning.”


The English author then replied to Park, and even gave some information about the casting, which the actor thanked him for.


And thanks to that beautiful exchange of tweets, Park is now playing Desire, and the viewers are absolutely loving it.


Prior to being casted as Desire in ‘The Sandman,’ Park became well-known in theater, and they also earned a Helen Hayes Award. They also took on a role in Netflix’s adaptation of the anime ‘Cowboy Bebop.’


‘The Sandman’ series is based on the comic book of the same title written by author Gaiman, and is also starring Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Boyd Holbrook, among other notable actors and actresses.


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