Netflix Series Follows Gay Superspy & His Scrappy LGBTQ Squad

(L to R) Wanda Sykes as DEB, Sean Hayes as MARY, Patti Harrison as STAT (courtesy of Netflix)

A gay superspy and his scrappy LGBTQ squad fight to prove themselves to the agency that underestimated them. Today, West Hollywood…tomorrow, the world!

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its new animated series, Q-FORCE, which follows Steve Maryweather (voiced by Sean Hayes), a former golden boy of the fictional American Intelligence Agency (AIA), until he came out as gay.


In a knee-jerk reaction, the Agency strips the newly-graduated cadet of his valedictorian status and assigns the honor to a grad who “happens to be straight.” Maryweather is summarily shipped off to “the perfect assignment” for him – West Hollywood – where he’s expected to disappear into obscurity.

(L to R) Sean Hayes stars as MARY, Patti Harrison as STAT, Matt Rogers as TWINK and Wanda Sykes as DEB (courtesy of Netflix)

Instead, over the next ten years he forms his own misfit squad of LGBTQ+ geniuses. Joining forces with the expert mechanic Deb (Wanda Sykes), master of drag and disguise Twink (Matt Rogers), and goth hacker Stat (Patti Harrison), together they’re Q-Force.

Waiting in purgatory for an official case from the AIA, Maryweather (aka Agent Mary) decides he and his team will go rogue. 

Netflix's new queer secret agent animated series Q-FORCE
Q-FORCE – (L to R) Patti Harrison as STAT, Wanda Sykes as DEB, Sean Hayes as MARY and David Harbour as BUCK (Courtesy of Netflix)

After finding and solving a real case, AIA chief V (Laurie Metcalf) upgrades the team to Active Secret Agents. But with a caveat: the team is forced to put up with that straight graduate from ten years ago – Agent Buck (David Harbour).

In the trailer, there’s sassy dialogue and rainbow grenades tossed about. Plus, eagle-eyed viewers will spot some naked anatomy amid the animation in a certain rescue sequence.


Q-FORCE premieres Thursday, September 2, on Netflix.

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