Netflix To Dive Into The Life And Death of Marsha P. Johnson

We all know about Obergefell, the Supreme Court ruling that granted marriage equality in the U.S.

But how many of us know about how the gay rights movement got started? How many of us have researched the Stonewall Inn Riots, and looked into Marsha P. Johnson?

For those who don't know Marsha P Johnson was transgender and threw the first brick at the Stonewall Riots in the '70's and is credited with starting the modern day LGBT rights movement with her best friend Sylvia Rivera. She was found dead in the Hudson River in 1992 and her death was initially ruled a suicide. Many people argued she was murdered. In 2002 the cause of her death was changed to undetermined and prosecutors reopened the case in 2012. 

Netflix is now going to tackle the death of Martha P Johnson in a new documentary premiering in October. Directed by David France, "The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" is a documentar following Victoria Cruz of N.Y.C.’s Anti-Violence Project, as she investigates Johnson’s case anew.

The documentary will not only focus on Johnson but look into the LGBT rights movement along with the violence transgender individuals face. 

France said of the project, "Almost single-handedly, Marsha P. Johnson and her best friend, Sylvia Rivera, touched off a revolution in the way we talk about gender today. Their names should be household words. But Marsha’s life was cut tragically short and Sylvia died shortly thereafter, the victim of a broken heart.”

Watch the trailer below: 

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