Never Steal a Wig Unless You Have Another Wig Underneath

For some people finding the perfect wig could be a serious matter. Take these three suspects from Silver Spring, Maryland who went into Esther’s Beauty on Georgia Avenue and fought their way past employees—just to steal an $80 wig.

I mean…their wigs were LITERALLY snatched!

Surveillance video posted by NBC shows the suspects kicking, punching, and using wigs as weapons to try to fight off the store’s 59-year-old and 74-year-old employees. These suspects thought it would be easy, but the wig masters put up a good fight, enough for them to get away with as little as possible. Police have confirmed the employees are okay after suffering non-life threatening injuries.

How about this news anchor’s enthusiasm for reporting this story? Werk!

The suspects are at large and wanted for assault and attempted robbery. But I bet they’ll be able to find them walking down the street wearing that beat up $80 synthetic hair wig.

h/t: NBC

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