New Batman Comic Reveals Third Robin is Part of LGBTQ Community

Introduced in 1989, Tim Drake became the third character to take up the mantle of Robin, the Boy Wonder. In the latest issue of ‘Batman: Urban Legends,’ it is revealed that Tim Drake is part of the LGBTQ community. (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

If you listen real closely, you can hear the toxic fandom of the comics industry all collectively scream. This would be because an established comic book character has been written as anything but heterosexual.  These toxic fans make sure their displeasure over the queering of their favorite character is heard loudly.  What would be behind their latest frustration?

It is the fact that Tim Drake, the third Robin in the Batman comics, has come out as a part of the LGBTQ community. 

When the character first came into the comic book Batman #436 in 1989, Tim Drake had figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman and Dick Grayson, now Nightwing was the first Robin. Drake had also surmised that since the second Robin, Jason Todd, was killed by the Joker, Batman had become more violent. While Tim’s intentions were to have Grayson step back into the role of Robin, Tim himself was taken on to train to be the new Robin.

Tim Drake dons his Robin costume for the first time in ‘Batman’ #457 (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

It would be over a year until Tim became Robin. As the third Robin, Tim Drake appeared not only in the comics Batman and Detective Comics but also three solo miniseries which led to the first-ever ongoing Robin title.

For more on Tim Drake and his various roles in the comics including being Robin, watch the below video from Variant Comics Official YouTube channel.

In the three-part story arc, “The Sum of Our Parts” in the comic Batman: Urban Legends, writer Meghan Fitzmartin pens a story about Tim Drake meeting up with an old friend, Bernard, who gets taken by a cult in the middle of their meeting.  In the final part of the story arc in Batman: Urban Legends #6, released on August 10th, while rescuing Bernard, things fall into place for Tim on his feelings for Bernard.

(Photo Credit: DC Comics)
(Photo Credit: DC Comics)

This leads to Tim asking Bernard on a date, which is slated to happen in Batman: Urban Legends #10.

(Photo Credit: DC Comics)

While many of the aforementioned fans claim that making Tim Drake a part of the LGBTQ community is sudden, there have been other writers that have wrote Tim as not so straight.

This is further elaborated by writer Judd Winick, who wrote the miniseries, Titans/ Young Justice: Graduation Day, in a tweet from his Twitter account.

As expected, many criticized DC Comics for being woke.

While others celebrated the move to make Tim Drake part of the LGBTQ community.

Meghan Fitzmartin took to Twitter to express her gratitude for those who have embraced her story.


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