New Dating Show Pits ‘Nice Guys’ Against ‘Fboys’

First look at the new dating reality show 'FBoy Island'
Who wants to visit ‘FBoy Island?’ (screen capture)

“Women have been forced to tolerate the manipulative douchebaggery of f-boys for far too long – that’s why we’re here.”

And so begins the latest (possibly cringe-worthy?) dating reality TV show, FBoy Island.


The newly announced HBO Max series will follow three women (Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, Sarah Emig) as they attempt to ‘find love’ among 24 male contestants.

So far, it seems like we’ve been here before: dating reality competition set in a tropical locale with lots of eye-candy.

The spin here is that 12 of the men consider themselves “nice guys” looking for love with one of the three ladies. The other 12 are self-proclaimed “f-boys.” 

“Bro.” “Bro.” “Bro.” “Bro.” “Bro.” “Bro.”


The “f-boys” are just along for the ride AND hopefully the series’ cash prize of $100,000.

According to the series trailer, no one knows who’s a prince and who’s just a bro looking for the dough. Even host/comedian Nikki Glaser doesn’t have the 411 on the true nature of the men.

It’s up to the ladies and the TV audience to figure out just who the f*** is who. Their job will be to separate the men from the bros.


Over the course of 10 episodes the ladies will compete in different challenges with the men. Along the way, the women will hope to discern who is a “nice guy” and who’s an “f-boy.”

From the trailer, it looks like we could get some ‘Housewives Of…’ style fights and drama as well as some douche-y ‘bro’ behavior. The show’s Instagram shares what seem to be competitive put-downs from some of the contestants:


And of course, being shot in a beach setting offers a lot of opportunity for the guys to show off their shirtless, beach bods.

It seems there’s something for most fans of reality TV: tune in for the eye-candy, tune in for the hijinks, or tune in just to hate-watch.

The show’s official Instagram also serves up magazine cover-style profiles of the contestants as well as some sassy hints about their personal lives and personalities.



FBoy Island comes to TV land via former The Bachelor executive producer Elan Gale.


The steamy games stream beginning July 29 on HBO Max.

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  2. Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of douchebag guys chasing after stinky fish. Pass, a very hard pass. Oh and the black guy with his arm up, you overdid the deodorant.


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