New Documentary To Uncover Religious Leaders And Their Gay Cybersex.

There's no doubt there are gay religious officials out there.  With a smart phone in every hand and a web cam on every laptop, it stands to reason they would be using the internet to seek out release for those forbidden pleasures.  Soon we will see evidence of this in a new documentary that is currently searching for assistance in distribution, Amores Santos or Sacred Love.

A shocking new documentary film is shedding light on the double lives of leading church figures who publicly condemn homosexuality, while privately satisfying their own homosexual urges through online sexual encounters with men.

Amores Santos, by Brazilian Dener Giovanini, follows a young actor as he engages with up to 150 priests from 30 different countries on social networks. According to Giovanini, the priests involved were Anglican, evangelical and Catholic.

The director filmed 500 minutes of explicit and often candid conversations with the anonymous priests, many of whom engaged in virtual sex on sites like Skype and Facebook. –

Amores Santos or Sacred Love is due out in January 2016. Check out the trailer below:



From the home page, we learn more about the extent of the documentary.

During the course of six months, thousands of religious leaders as Archbishops, Bishops, Priests and Pastors, were contacted and recorded – via webcam – having virtual sex with an actor of the documentary Sacred Love. Besides Brazil, sex scenes were recorded involving religious in various countries such as USA, Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, the Philippines, Italy, Vatican, etc.

For nearly three months of shotting, the actor Darico Macedo had loving relationships and virtual sex with men above any suspicion. Bishops with their rich vestments masturbated relying their bodies on sacred images or married evangelical pastors with children who have promised to abandon their families to live the "forbidden love" are just a few characters that the actor met in the virtual world. "When I was invited to make the movie I thought it would be very difficult to win the trust of the religious, but the opposite occurred. When I saw a Bishop lifting his cassock and showing that he was wearing red panties I realized it would be a world with no boundaries", says Darico Macedo. –

Is it wrong to watch?

Will you watch?

Is there more that could come from this than an "I told you so?"

What do you think?