New Footage of Dallas BBQ Brawl IN NYC Raises New Questions


Our last blog about this had us all very opinionated as to what went down and which party was at fault (man-charged-beating-gay-couple-chair-says-hes-real-victim). Now with new footage showing what happened before the chair flew through the air, has us asking all kinds of questions.  watch the new footage below and tell us your thoughts.

I'm not sure on the choice of Pachebel's Canon for the music.  You can as well jump to the 3:00 mark for the normal speed video.





We want to thank for bringing this to our attention.  Here are their thoughts.


In May, you may recall the “gay bashing” at a Dallas BBQ in New York.

32-year-old Jonathan Snipes reported being punched, kicked, and attacked by two men shouting antigay slurs at the Chelsea spot after he accidentally knocked over a drink while rushing out of the restaurant after hearing about a death in his family.

The full video of the brawl has been released to The G-List Society by Dallas BBQ and it looks like Snipes has some explaining to do.

In the video, Snipes is shown arguing with boyfriend Ethan York-Adams, then stomping towards the exit of the restaurant in a huff, but not before he starts the altercation with Bayna El-Amin.

El-Amin acknowledges his role in the altercation, but claims he suffered injuries and was fearful for his own safety.

You can read that interview in its entirety here.

We all know how it ended, but now that we know how it began, we have several questions for Snipes:

• Why was the first stop to the press and not police? (Also, to DNA Info reporter Aidan Gardiner: weren’t you warned against reporting single-source stories on day one of journalism school?)

• Why did you say you were attacked by multiple people when the video clearly shows El-Amin as the only attacker?

• Why did you say that you wouldn’t “take it to that level” when the video clearly shows you throwing the first object?

• Did El-Amin really call you and your boyfriend “white fa**ots,” or was that a fabrication like the phantom second attacker?

Anti-LGBT violence is a very real threat to LGBT people everywhere, but it does the issue a disservice when people pass off messy, drunken altercations as hate crimes and freely stoke racist stereotypes to do so.

It’s starting to seem as if Mr. Snipes and his boyfriend have done just that, so it will be quite interesting to see what they have to say about the video now that all sides are out. –

So Instincters, what do you say now?  Do you have more questions, too?



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3 thoughts on “New Footage of Dallas BBQ Brawl IN NYC Raises New Questions”

  1. Well I guess this proves what

    Well I guess this proves what everyone suspected this whole times Snipes is a liar.  he is the violent instigator in this whole mess every time the fight is broken up Snipes attacks over and over!  Snipes needs to be in jail!!

  2. I wasn’t there…the public

    I wasn't there…the public puts too much on so called video "eye witness"…they are often edited or miss prior or post actions that could further explain the incidents.  I was not there, you were not there and the videos don't really put you there..they just create an illusion of what happened.


  3. All I see is El- Ram laughing

    All I see is El- Ram laughing on the phone and then getting water thrown in his face! Then the restaurant staff constantly trying to pull that Bigot off Mr. Snipes. I see El- Ram at the end start to leave and turn around and pick up a chair as a weapon and use it to dangerously hurt Mr. Snipes. The comments about El-Baby being a victim is lies and from a man or group who has NO compassion and made fun of the turmoil across the restaurant!


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