New GOP Girl Singing Group – Make America’s Ears Bleed Again

Deplorable Choir – Youtube Video

Ever so often, a hot girl group comes along. They shine with Grammy-worthy songwriting prowess, impeccable harmonies, Motown-era stage presence, and the undeniable talent that makes music stardom inevitable. Well, the new music trio, the “Deplorable Choir,” is none of those things, although they are awesome in their awfulness.

The three vitriolic, self-described, “White bimbos” in MAGA hats, do anything but shine. They are uninspiring at best, belting out songs with amateur-hour lyrics, in their birth canal–revealing mini skirts, and hideously failed harmonies that suggest they couldn’t carry a tune – even with handles on it.


So who are they? They are Lynz, Val, and C.J., who came together to form a pro-Trump singing group. Currently, the trio is on tour, bringing Trump talking points disguised as hit (add an “s” before the “hit”) songs to the masses (remove the “m”).

At first glance, the three attention-seekers look like a legit music group. They are young-ish, fit, and somewhat attractive. Two of them actually look like they might be sisters, though I am not interested enough to look into it. I mean, who cares really? What is most important is that they are committed to rallying support for the vile, racially divisive, far-right, white nationalistic positions of Donald Trump.

Deplorable Choir – Youtube Video

The Deplorable Choir got their name from Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 terminology, “a basket of deplorables.”  This was a phrase she used to describe Trump supporters who were blatantly racist and/or purposely divisive. The name seems to fit here.


The three “Carrie Underwood” rejects seem like a late-night comedy skit. With a forced, perky cheerleader facade, they attempt to sparkle and delight but only fizzle and dissolve, with such forgettable classics as the racist, wall-building anthem, “Brick by Brick.”

Then there is the peculiar “Mother Zucker.” Ok, that is an apt title, but in the song, they bash Mark Zuckerberg as an enemy of conservatives. That makes no sense though considering Facebook’s inadvertent role in the 2016 election, which significantly contributed to Trump’s presidential win.

Deplorable Choir – “Brick by Brick” -Youtube Video

Now look, I love a good laugh, and I think these three gals are wilfully aware of the tongue n’ cheek aspect of what they’re doing. They are Trump supporters – that’s fine. It’s their choice. They have found a unique way to show their support for Trump – that’s fine too. They seem to be having fun sort of like that super cute “Obama Girl” did a few years back. However, any of their attempts at cuteness get flushed instantly when they perform songs like, “Why Is David Your Face for Gun Control?”


This song disgustingly mocks David Hogg, a student who survived the Parkland High School shooting in Florida. Dismissing the horror of what the students endured, the Deplorable Choir establishes itself as cold, callous, and heartless. Their moronic “masterpiece” surmises Hogg as nothing more than a pubescent boy who needs to seek therapy for an obsession with wanting to take their guns away.

More disturbingly, the repulsive song further suggests Hogg should be beaten and spanked as a punishment for his perspective. You know, because I guess being shot at and seeing your friends murdered right in front of your eyes by a crazed gunman isn’t traumatizing enough.

Based on their song lyrics and subjects, yes, they have definitely chosen the best name for their group. They are quite deplorable. Ultimately though, this could be an excellent opportunity for Donald Trump. If he wins re-election (God forbid), he can always book these talentless hacks as guest performers at his inauguration. I’m sure Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and the Hillbilly High Marching Band would appreciate the night off.


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