New GQ Photoshoot With The Men Of HBO’s “Insecure” Has Us Gagging

We’re in love with the men of Insecure!

It looks like GQ Magazine’s done it again. After we recently got a funny reminder about a hot GQ photoshoot with Tom Holland, we’ve now discovered this great shoot with the male cast of Insecure.

HBO’s Insecure was created by rising actress and comedian Issa Rae. The series follows her character and her character’s friends as they explore the experiences of black women. To do that, the show depicts the characters as they navigate their careers and dating lives.

As for the men they date, actors Y’lan Noel, Wade Allain-Marcus, Jay Ellis, and Sarunas Jackson play them wonderfully.

As the stars of these men rise along with Rae and the show, they’ve been invited to a photoshoot with GQ, and we couldn’t be happier.

Along with the shoot, the boys were also interviewed and written about in an article titled, “When the Thirst is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym.” In the interview, the men talk about their characters, shooting graphic sex scenes, running into fans, and going to the gym.

Concerning the latter topic, you can watch a video of the men talking down below.

Insecure returns for its third season on August 12 on HBO.

Also, don’t forget that Issa Rae is working on a HBO series about a bisexual black man. You can read more about that here.

h/t: GQ Magazine, NewNowNext

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