New Hampshire Teen Arrested In Connection To Gun Violence Threat On Two Boston Gay Bars

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A teen has been accused of making threatening phone calls to two Boston gay bars.

Earlier this month, the dbar and the Alley Bar in Boston both received threats of gun violence. Both bars received anonymous calls around 7:30 p.m. on consecutive nights. Afterwards, Boston police were notified and subsequently increased patrols around both establishments.

Police Commissioner William G. Gross commented at the time that he and his officers were taking the threats seriously.

“We don't take any threats lightly,” he said. “Everybody should be able to enjoy any establishment that they wish to go into in the City of Boston. Whether it’s the Alley or the dbar, you should be able to enjoy yourself peacefully.”

The police were able to trace the phone calls to a landline number, but were still seeking out a suspect. Now it appears that they found one.

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A 16-year-old from Hampton, New Hampshire, whose identity is being withheld due to his age, has been arrested by Seabrook, New Hampshire police. 

We may not know his identity, but we do know he is a repeat offender. The suspect has outstanding warrants for Threats with Serious Public Alarm, Civil Rights Violations, and more from other jurisdictions.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Rocco LaMonica, who manages the Alley Bar, says he hopes to change the teenager for the better.

“Nobody wants to prosecute someone and ruin someone’s life,” LaMonica said. “Hopefully maybe this way, of talking to them, seeing we’re not the enemy, they’ll see it’s okay to be who you are.”

Due to fleeing from earlier charges, the suspect is now being held as a fugitive from justice. It’s currently unclear when he will appear for a court hearing.

h/t: The Boston Herald

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