New HBO Documentary Explores the Double Life of Late Actor Rock Hudson

HBO recently dropped the official trailer of the new documentary about late actor Rock Hudson who was living a double life as a closeted gay man.

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‘Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed’ will explore Hudson’s life as an Academy Award-nominated actor, who is also described as “the last of those manufactured stars,” as well as his AIDS diagnosis, which eventually led to his passing at the age of 59.


Not to mention, the trailer also shows a glimpse of an interview with the late actor’s former lover. As per the official synopsis, the film —

“explores the story of a man living a double life, one whose public persona was carefully manufactured by his handlers and orchestrated by the studio system, while fearing a potentially career-ending discovery that he was privately living as a gay man.”

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The trailer and synopsis also notes how Hudson’s death became a well-needed push for people during the AIDS pandemic:


“Nearly four years into the AIDS pandemic, Hudson’s death was a wakeup call for the public and helped elevate serious discussions of the treatment of HIV and AIDS into the mainstream, forcing a reckoning both socially and politically.”

Moreover, ‘Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed’ will be available on HBO and Max on June 28. Prior to that, the documentary is set to make its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival on June 11.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here:


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  1. This documentary looks really interesting. So very sad most actors back then couldn’t be openly gay. There’s a ton of gay actors now even though still many are closeted or forced to have a beard.


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