New Jersey to Show Tennessee How Drag is Done

While other states pass bans on transgender health care, New Jersey has gone in the other direction and has realized that humanity has all humans in it, that we all have equality and deserve equal treatment. New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy wants all to know that his state will be a “safe haven” for those seeking gender-affirming care. 

In an article from April 4th in the New Jersey Monitor, it discusses the executive order the Governor signed directing all state departments and agencies to protect those providing or receiving gender-affirming health care services. Under the order, state officials will be barred from cooperating in other states’ investigations into whether someone sought the care in New Jersey, and extradition to other states in those instances will be prohibited.


We need states like New Jersey to balance out the deep red ones.  And New Jersey will keep fighting to be a safe haven for others, too while showing support for more members of the LGBTQ+ Community. 

As drag is under attack nationwide, New Jersey is doing something about that, too. 

The Empress Hotel Pool Area – Paradise function ( Yelp photo, no credit provided)

Asbury Park entertainment complex Paradise is the largest LGBTQ nightlife space in the state of New Jersey. It has announced that May 7th will officially be known as Drag Queen Visibility Day in Asbury Park, NJ. The City of Asbury Park’s proclamation comes on the heels of the State of Tennessee becoming the first state to sharply restrict drag shows by banning performances on public property and in places where they could potentially be viewed by minors, setting a precedent for other states to make subsequent moves to create similar laws.

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“Enacting these types of laws allows for harassment and the silencing of
LGBTQIA+ individuals and opens the door for harsher and more dangerous legislation. We cannot be afraid, and must do as we always have as a community to battle such blatant hatred. We hope by declaring this day, other municipalities will follow in step and show their support for our brothers and sisters nationwide.”


The day-long drag festival will highlight various drag performers who through their own individual talents, will show that drag is much more than just entertainment. Paradise will be holding everything from a bake sale to a child-friendly Drag Queen Story Hour to a Drag Queen Comedy Hour to a Drag Zumba class! Former Miss Paradise winners Jolina Jasmine, Victoria Courtez, and current Miss Paradise 2023 Sapphira Cristal will all be taking part in the event among others, with other surprise queens and performers taking part as well.


For more information, check out Paradise website:

For events prior to 5pm, Paradise will ask for a suggested donation of $5, with events after
being a $10.00 cover charge. A portion of the queen’s tips and other proceeds from the event
will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign.

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