New Music For Everyone Including Pop, Funk, Dance & More

Chris Corsini
Chris Corsini (photo: Inward Boutique)

Check out this short list of terrific music releases by LGBTQ artists that range from funk, indie guitar pop, electro-pop, and more.

First up, Chris Corsini is on a mission to revolutionize accessibility and inclusivity for Deaf, LGBTQ and BIPOC in both the arts and spiritual communities.


Corsini has handled American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter duties for huge stars including Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Panic! At The Disco, Camila Cabello, Thomas Rhett, and Shawn Mendes.

An artist himself, as MDL CHLD (Middle Child), Corsini combines ASL with his passion for performance by integrating an international mix of LGBTQ, Deaf, and BIPOC from Europe, Africa and North and South America both in front and behind the camera.

His mega-inclusive music video, “Funk (About You),” is the latest in a series of uplifting, empowering videos that Corsini says are unambiguously “about finding the people you vibe with and letting go of those who do not serve or motivate you.” Follow Corsini on Instagram here.

Zola Simone ‘Iridescent’ (photo: TrendPR)

The latest single from Boston-based indie artist Zola Simone, “Iridescent,” captures the 360 degrees of emotion that can flood young love and the wistful, lighter-than-air feeling when vulnerability gives way to ineffable passion.

The music video echoes the ebb and flow of the indie guitar track as Simone allows herself to daydream about a love that might (or might not) come to fruition.

“There are some shots which we did on super 8 which are supposed to show my (the main character’s) idealistic daydreams of what their relationship could be,” says Simone. “Lots of yearning. Guess that’s part of my brand now!”


Follow Simone on her journey via Instagram here

(photo: Bryce Anthony)

Following the debut of his EP American Dreeming, out singer/songwriter Sylas Dean recently released his latest single, “Real.


“Real” explores the halfway point between fantasy and reality as a relationship falls apart and one questions sincerity. A combination of synth-wave and cyberpunk, the electro-pop track alternates between urgent, vibrant baseline beats and airy, ethereal soundscapes.

Dean successfully combines the fantasy of a cyberpunk heartthrob with a dance driven sound and colorful club kid imagery in all of the electric vibrancy we could ask for.

Hit play and bop along. You can follow Dean on Instagram here.

Kat Cunning (photo: Instagram/KatCunning)

Heart, warmth, authenticity, and hope are just a few of the descriptives we assign to the upbeat music video for “Boys,” the latest single from non-binary recording artist Kat Cunning. The entire cast and crew of the fun, joy-filled music video identifies as either transgender or non-binary.

“The video was extremely important for me to make to spell out the true focus of the song because of the lyric’s subtlety,” Cunning explains. “I wanted to do my part to help represent the diversity and beauty of the transmasculine community that is so often erased, exploited or hardly peppered into the media.

“Representation matters, especially to young people. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it,” continues the artist. “Making this video, we collectively agreed our community needed to see trans joy.”

Cunning brought the house down performing “Boys” live as part of the New York City Pride national broadcast event via ABC News Live on June 27. Follow Cunning on Instagram here.

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