New Music From Chayla Hope, Fab The Duo, EVVAN & Dawson Fuss

Chayla Hope
Chayla Hope (photo: Lindsey Poyar)

We’ve got new music to get your week moving from out artists Chayla Hope, Fab the Duo, EVVAN and Dawson Fuss. There’s pop, there’s rock, and all kinds of ear worms in between.

Cleveland-based singer/songwriter Chayla Hope recently released her latest single “Falling,” an ode to the all-too-familiar feeling of instantly connecting with someone, only to question whether or not to blame it on the alcohol.


“We wanted to play on people’s expectations because, at its core, pop can be subversive and fun,” explains Hope, who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community. “And sometimes that fun looks like a pair of platforms, rhinestone-studded suits, and a puppet devouring a male model whole.”

By the way, that male model, Chayla’s co-star Rubeen Salem, is definitely worth the watching as well.

The track starts low-key and holds onto a sexy, edgy vibe as the song builds to climax. Hope’s vocals are impressive showing early restraint but knowing exactly when to let it go. The whole endeavor has an intriguing allure with a touch of Lady Gaga subversiveness.

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Fab the Duo drops their latest single "Alter Ego"
Fab the Duo (promo photo)

Fab the Duo offers up their latest release, “Alter Ego,” calling the track an alt rock anthem for the “Queer Gawds.” The fearless and ferocious single is a clarion call for the listener to not only be their most authentic self, but to also embrace the inner fabulous icon inside of them.

The couple, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, are all about sending a musical message of confidence to their audience. And fab doesn’t just stand for “fabulous”— it’s also an acronym that stands for Fierce Ass Bitches.


Having found their true sound in the alternative world – a little bit rock, a little bit pop, and pure alt – the edgy guitar-led track pairs perfectly with the boys muscular vocals and bigger than life personalities. 

Their previous single “Chill Pill” was featured on Apple Music’s Official “New In Alternative” playlist and Spotify’s official “Out Loud” playlist. Follow Fab the Duo on Instagram here.

EVVAN releases their latest single "Craving"
EVVAN (promo photo)

The latest single from non-binary singer-songwriter, EVVAN, is the driving rock-tinged “Craving.” With echoes of Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, “Craving,” is a nostalgic pull to the 80s pop/rock era.

Grounded amid an infectious, driving beat, “Craving” is a take-no-prisoners paean to self-empowerment. EVVAN serves up raw, unyielding vocals that translate into addictive rushes of serotonin. And what pop-rock anthem would be worth its salt without a sexy, grungy guitar solo?

EVVAN says the passionate expressions of “craving change” conveys the tumultuous battle those in the LGBTQ+ community and other groups experiencing adversity continue to face.

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Out singer/song writer Dawson Fuss drops his latest single "Upper Hand"
Dawson Fuss (image via Instagram)

Indie pop artist Dawson Fuss drops his new single “Upper Hand,” a reflection of his journey of moving on and reclaiming his power by staying out of petty arguments and histrionics.

For Fuss, the single is a confident narrative of being the bigger person in the face of other people’s drama.


Fuss wrote the track in a period of healing from a painful breakup in an effort to move on.

In a press statement, Fuss shares, “Writing ‘Upper Hand’ was my opportunity to reclaim a relationship that made me feel pretty awful,”

I don’t want to be the one to call you out cuz
To be honest I don’t care if you’re sad and alone
I don’t need any provoked validation
Don’t you get it? Don’t you see?

Last fall, Instinct reviewed Fuss’s debut EP edge of adolescence which channeled vulnerable, personal moments into buoyant anthems. Raw honesty and compelling melodies combined for a thoughtful, poignant illustration of a lived life.


“Upper Hand” is further evidence Fuss plans to keep transforming life’s challenges and confusions into highly relatable musical moments.

You can follow Dawson Fuss on Instagram here. “Upper Hand” is available now on all major music platforms.

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