New Music: Parker Matthews ‘Running From Me’

Parker Matthews in 'Running From Me' (screen capture)
Parker Matthews in ‘Running From Me’ (screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews debuts his latest single and music video, “Running From Me,” in this Instinct exclusive.

We’ve been listening (and watching) the talented musician since he proved he’s definitely no “Hit and Run” last May, and he’s had us “Feelin’ Right” ever since.

In each release, Matthews consistently brings top-shelf production, pop-synth goodness and a hooky chorus with smooth vocal delivery. 

Music writers agree:

“An infectious slice of pop music” – Music Is My Radar

“Pop music just might have found its next star in Parker Matthews” – The Musical Hype

“Matthews’ confidence in his sexuality glows onscreen” – Pop Dust

Instinct chatted with the handsome singer about “Running From Me,” the power of confidence and the importance of vibe in a recording session.

Instinct Magazine: After bouncy upbeat bops like “Hit and Run” and the liquid-sexy “Feelin’ Right,” your new single “Running From Me” is a dance floor banger.  Do you plan on switching it up or is just this how the music comes?

Parker Matthews: I think I’ve grown a lot as an artist and had a great time exploring the different sides of who I am, and what I want to write. This record was a very defining one for me, not only because it’s the first of some amazing new material I have on the way, but also because I wanted to instill a sense on confidence in the listener.

I wrote this record based off a personal story of mine, but I want the listener to realize that they hold the power and the confidence to do whatever they want because with that mentality, nobody’s gonna be running from them.   

Parker Matthews in 'Running From Me'
Parker Matthews in ‘Running From Me’

IM: You dance in the new music video – is this the first time fans see you bust a move other than some party bouncing in “Hit and Run?”

PM: It was so great! I grew up dancing, and to be able to be on camera doing that was absolutely thrilling. My team and I brought in some incredible dance talent and I will definitely be bringing that vibe onto future records/ videos as well.   

Parker Matthews in 'Running From Me'
(screen capture)

IM: Your lyrics tend to express confidence in yourself. Are you as confident in real life?

PM: You know, it’s interesting… When I’m being the artist side of me as ‘Parker Matthews’ on a shoot or on stage, I am super outgoing and confident.  However, when I’m just with my friends, or out for the night, I’m pretty quiet and always kinda stay in the background.  

Somebody told me that you’re trying to own me
But I’m never lonely cause ain’t nobody running from me
And don’t say you know how to win over me now
You know that I don’t don’t bow cause ain’t nobody running from me

Parker Matthews in 'Running From Me'
(screen capture)

IM: At this point, do you have a “process” in writing/recording? Or is every project approached differently?

PM: Every record has a general outline of being written and recorded the same way, but at the same time, it’s always a little different. A lot of the time, when writing, I’ll start with the chorus, and build from there. 

However, for “Running From Me,” I actually started with the very first line of the record, ‘You make me feel like everybody’s watching me…’ and I sat down and went from there. 

When it comes to recording, I am all about the VIBE. Depending on what studio I’m in, I make sure all the candles are lit and we’re going in on that session. Having a good vibe during a recording session really translates to the record, in my opinion.  

Parker Matthews in 'Running From Me'
Parker Matthews in ‘Running From Me’

IM: Who are you listening to today? Who’s at the top of your playlist?

PM: I’m listening to a little bit of everything right now. If the record speaks to me, I’ll get down with it for sure. I love pop and dance music, but I also love a good power ballad, much like the record I have coming next (hint hint, wink wink). Instinct, you guys are great, and thank you and the LGBTQ community for you amazing support! 

You can follow Parker Matthews on Instagram here, Facebook here and check out his official website here.

“Running From Me“ is now available on iTunes and all digital download sites.

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