New Music: VINCINT, The Japanese House, Hayden Joseph, & Jack Drinker

Out recording artist VINCINT (promo photo)

We’ve got terrific new music from out recording artists to help you dance into the weekend. Something for everyone here including synth-pop, country, emotionally-charged dance tracks, and more.

Out singer-songwriter VINCINT recently dropped his latest single, “Romance.” The singer says the song is “about seeing someone you care for being treated like shit and knowing you can love them better.” VINCINT sees the emotionally-charged track as a “little ode to the divas of the early 2000s, like Toni Braxton’s ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ and Brandy and Monica’s ‘The Boy Is Mine.’”


The acclaimed artist’s muscular, vibrant vocals skip across the synth-pop soundscape with ease, popping off the high and low notes effortlessly.

VINCINT’s dynamic songcraft and radiant charisma has seen him lighting up stages around the globe, including his own sold-out headline run, “The Getaway Tour,” as well as headlining performances at Pride events nationwide.

I’ve been covering VINCINT since his early 2020 hit “Save Myself,” and he never disappoints. “Romance” is available on all major music platforms now. Follow VINCINT on Instagram here.

Cover art for ‘Boyhood’ by The Japanese House (promo image)

The Japanese House (aka acclaimed out recording artist Amber Bain) has dropped her first new music of the year, “Boyhood,” accompanied by a dreamy music video. The new single (which debuted as BBC Radio 1’s “Hottest Record”) sees Bain exploring the complexities and nuances of sexuality and gender as well as how trauma becomes an inescapable part of a person.

The track’s silky, hypnotic production pairs perfectly with Bain’s ethereal, lighter-than-air vocals. The accompanying visualizer finds Amber watching a projection of herself from a bed, as one of a pair horseback riding through lush green fields.

“When Katie and I were young and in love, we fantasized about riding off into the distance on her horse Bam Bam, away from all the problems that came from being gay and in love back then,” Bain says in a press statement. “This song talks about how sometimes, however hard you try, you can’t help but be a product of the things that happened to you or held you back earlier on in life.”


“But also, and more importantly, it’s about hope for overcoming those things,” she adds. “Look at us now: not riding away, but towards… something.”

“Boyhood” is available now on all major music platforms. Follow The Japanese House on Instagram here.

Cover image for ‘Prove Me Wrong’ by Hayden Joseph (promo image)

Out country singer/songwriter Hayden Joseph politely shades a potential paramour who’s apparently always on the lookout for the next best thing in the fairytale inspired, “Prove Me Wrong”

Amid a sunny, upbeat soundscape, you can almost hear a hint of a sly smile in Joseph’s bright, comfortably country vocals as he croons:

You’ll keep reaching for a sweeter apple to bite
For a brighter star or a carpet to ride
For a taller tower or a midnight hour
Or shoes that fit just right
You’ve been mapping your path out all along
Darling, prove me wrong

Joseph tells Instinct Magazine the new single started out as an attempt to write a gimmicky love song. “I originally began melding fairytale references together in a positive light. The result was cute, but inauthentic. I played it for a friend, and she immediately said ‘I know you… you don’t believe any of this.’ After that advice, I knew the song needed a (believable) twist. And thus, I ended up turning the once-romantic song into an ‘anti’ fairytale.”


“Prove Me Wrong” is available now on all major music platforms. Follow Hayden Joseph on Instagram here.

Cover image for ‘Plane Ticket’ by Jack Drinker (promo image)

Out singer/songwriter Jack Drinker drops his plaintive new single, “Plane Ticket,” reflecting on a love that he once thought was going to find it’s way back to him.


The lyrics chronicle a time where he would have done anything just to see this person again; that someone that you would drop everything for if they simply called you on the phone. Through intimate, conversational lyricism, Drinker eloquently expresses the painful feeling of unrequited love.

The piano-based track, produced by Alyssa Wilkens, has a slow build that echoes the emotional intensity of the lyrics. The sensitive pop production serves as an elegant soundscape for Drinker’s effortless vocals and thoughtful storytelling.

The official music video, directed by Drinker himself and shot by James Bragg, is scheduled for release in the near future. You can find more music by Jack Drinker on Spotify. Follow him on the Gram of Insta here.

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