New “Our Bible” App Wants To Make Christianity LGBTQ-Friendly

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A new app is trying to appeal to LGBTQ Christians and make them feel welcome in the faith.


The “Our Bible” app tries to present Christianity as welcoming and non-offensive to minority groups like LGBTQ people by featuring a gender neutral God, including pro-women sentiment, and involving people of color in its stories.

The app’s creator is Crystal Cheatham and she created the app to show others that homosexuality and Christianity can intermingle.

“It crushed me so hard,” she told PBS. “When I came out, I was told by ministers so far above me that I couldn’t be an out lesbian and also be on the stage as a leader, and it crushed me.”

“I had to decide between this love for my God and my personal identity,” she said.

Cheatham also shared more on Twitter ehind the reasoning for the app’s creation. She says it was because her experiences with the Seventh-day Adventist church showed her more acceptance was needed in Christian society.


“When I did come out, I found it extremely hard to figure out where I belonged and what I should be doing. It was really tough,” she said.

The app includes several features such as a library of Bibles, translations, daily Bible verses, meditation, and optional interaction with social media.

The “Our Bible” app is hoping to launch at the end of this month somewhere between December 25-30.

2 thoughts on “New “Our Bible” App Wants To Make Christianity LGBTQ-Friendly”

  1. No, although I see what they

    No, although I see what they are trying to do, this is a very bad idea. How about people just read the Bible in all it's entirety and then realize that the whole story is about loving each other instead of tearing each other down. Don't rewrite history to fit your needs, learn from it and write a new story.

  2. LGB and T are not the same as

    LGB and T are not the same as nonbinary and the rest of people who make a huge fuss out of gender though.

    And I don't see the need to adapt a book written in very ignorant days. Itf the bible contains homophobic messages leave it as it was written. Better read books that contain actual scientific knowledge.


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