New PFLAG Campaign Encourages Parents to Come Out

Coming out can be a scary process. Not everyone is met with open arms. For those of us who are, it's a great feeling. It's also great when our parents come out in support for us publicly as well. Having that backing makes it so much easier to come out to others and face the world.

In a new collaboration, 3M and PFLAG, are putting the focus on parents and asking them to come out  in support of their kids. The hashtag #ParentsComingOut is hoping to get parents to show their support on social media.

A campaign video was made, and the video shows parents talking about when their children came out. Some were scared for their kids or didn't take it the best, they admit. It then ends with parents leaving messages to their kids at Pride, letting them know how proud they are.

As one parent said,  "The key for supporting your child is coming out yourself. That's the huge piece. Coming out on Facebook, saying I'm proud of my son who;s gay or my daughter she's a lesbian and I love her and I'll support her forever. That's what your child wants to hear. When they hear that, you got 'em."

Watch the touching video below:




H/T: Ad Week

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