New Portrait Series Aims to Celebrate & Promote Positive Body Image for Men

Body positivity is a problem that affects all types of people around the world. For gay men, it’s a major issue as the negatives that are created in society of how to look and feel your best can influence someone’s mental and physical abilities. Photographer Anthony Patrick Manieri has created something that celebrates and promotes body image for men in a series he calls Arrested Movement.

What started out as a single photo session consisting of 10-12 men to be showcased in a gallery exhibit, quickly and organically morphed into this movement through social media, which now is allowing Manieri to meet and photograph men in different cities. 

The men tell their own stories and personal struggles with a reminder from Manieri that we’re all the same. It’s something that this particular writer (raises hand) has talked about numerous times in the past in that no one is greater or lesser than you based on how you look or feel. It’s an equal playing field and this series demonstrates that and more.

This inclusive series focuses on men of all races, from thin to large, Little People to super tall, men with physical disabilities, transgender men, as well as two-spirited men.  All are welcome. All are beautiful.

Manieri’s time on set with these men allows them to feel comfortable and empowered with who they are. His goal within it is to find a moment where the soul comes through and then stopping time when their authentic-self meets his eye and the shutter of his camera. It appears as if he has done this as the work that has come out of it is nothing short of extraordinary and gets to the point completely on what body acceptance is and should be.

His hopes that the end result of this project would someway help to shine light on the fact that men, especially men in the LGBTQ community, suffer from body issues and self-acceptance just as much as women, and that men should be included in the narrative; creating a dialogue about loving and accepting ourselves, and help to create a ripple effect in the social consciousness.  This ongoing photo series will result in a gallery show partnered with a book.

For more on Anthony and his work, please check out his official website here.


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