New retro-pop from lo-fi artist ‘pronoun’

Alyse Vellturo, who goes by the recording alter-ego “pronoun,” has released her latest track, “wrong.”

A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the lo-fi pop singer has enjoyed strong reviews from the music industry.

Stereogum praised the new track as “soaring and persistently catchy,” displaying a "complicated mess of emotions.”

Billboard has called the Brooklyn-based artist “a shimmery retro-pop act.”

Uproxx described pronoun as “a polished sound that echoes Tegan And Sara’s recent music.”

For those unfamiliar, Lo-Fi is short for low fidelity, which refers to the quality of the sound recording. Many music fans feel the modern music industry has meticulously over-perfected the art of audio recording, to the degree that recordings are ‘flawless.’ 

There are music aficionados for whom perfection is, in a word, boring. Lo-fi recordings attempt to regain the character, heart or connectedness of the music.

In “wrong,” the singer is in conflict with her own feelings, chronicling that moment when you see yourself reflected in someone else you’re angry at, awash in sympathy for them even though the relationship has changed:

You can’t go backwards

Guess I couldn’t ever relate

Now I’m sitting feeling sorry

For somebody that I hate

And it feels so wrong

The track’s strong pop beat coupled with an anxious, repetitive guitar riff feels true to the artist’s previous work but in a fresh, almost new wave vein. We like.

pronoun described the impetus for the song, born out of a breakup with an ex-girlfriend, like this: 

“For the longest time I was so angry at her, and the news that should have been the final straw actually just made me feel really bad for her which spun me in to the weird emotion of how can you feel sorry for some one you “hate”? How is that even possible, do other people feel this way? I guess in a way it’s what I would want to say if I wanted to talk to her – which obviously I don’t – so I wrote this song instead.

"wrong" comes from pronoun’s upcoming release and follows the track, "run", which got picked up the New York Times, Stereogum, NYLON, Uproxx and more.  

Following a massive SXSW, pronoun has just come off the road after a 40 city tour.  More info about pronoun at the official website here.

Check out “wrong” below.



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