New Study Finds 60% Of Men Are Cleaning Their Junk Incorrectly

I don’t know who needs to hear (or read) this, but just FYI, your testicles are actually a part of your body. Seems obvious, right? Well, I thought so too, my whole life. But a new study by Skincare specialists, The Derm Review, asked over 1,100 men about their hygiene habits in their nether regions. 


Shockingly their results revealed some concerning stadickstics, er, eh, I mean statistics about mens’ junk-grooming practices.

As most of us bathe or shower regularly, and as we’ve already established —your balls are a part of your body, how is it possible that The Derm Review found that “one in five men (21.6%) only wash their private parts a mere two times a week or less.” Eww! 

Seriously, wait, whaaaaaaaaat?

I don’t want to pass judgment here. I mean we’ve all pushed the boundaries of freshness from time to time, like when we’re on vacation or over holiday breaks, we may not shower for two or even three days as we lounge around like a slug in the same PJs. But this must not be a common practice. And I don’t see how it can be. The smell alone should indicate, “hey bruh, you betta handle go yo’ business!”

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Personal hygiene is essential, and when conducted improperly — if at all, that not only has negative social implications, but it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and cause skin infections.  

According to Elle MacLeman, Skincare Biochemist at The Derm Review,  

‘Infrequent washing will not only result in an unpleasant smell, but it is also a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause pain and infection.’

Keeping your penis pristine and clean should be done daily, not whenever you get around to it. The Derm Review also shared that 39.7% say they wash their privates the recommended once a day —well-done boys. However, some of you are overdoing it twice a day, which is commendable but such a frequency could cause skin irritation.


Additionally the survey found that over 60% of men are a lost cause —washing their penis incorrectly. Ok I added the “lost cause” part but I shouldn’t be too hard on these guys. It’s not like our dongs come with instructions or anything. 

Anyway, The Derm Review urges all men to learn how to wash their willies correctly, and I suggest simply using your nose as an indicator. Our bodies are like odiferous alarm clocks that will aromatically “go off” to et you know when it’s time to wash your a**.

So do yourself, me and the world a favor …when you smell that alarm, don’t hit the “Snooze” button.

Have a ball and read this study for yourself at The Derm Review 

h/t: Metro.UK

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