New Survey Asked 10,000 Gay Men Their Thoughts On Upcoming Election

L-R Donald Trump (photo: Flickr/WhiteHouse), Joe Biden (Biden Facebook)

As the U.S. heads into the final weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, gay dating app Hornet surveyed 10,000 gay men on who they support in the race for the White House.

Twelve percent of those polled (1,200) identified as American citizens and 51 percent indicated they plan to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. Forty-five percent said they plan to vote for Donald Trump.


Those numbers align fairly closely with recent national polling. Real Clear Politics average of polls shows the former Vice President currently averaging 49.9 percent while Trump’s support is 42.9 percent.

Data-crunching website FiveThirtyEight also reports Biden leads in national polling by 7 or 8 percentage points.

Here’s the breakdown of responses to the question “Describe your support of Donald Trump:” 

• 49% said “I do not support him at all”


• 11% said “I disagree with him on most issues”

• 9% responded “I disagree with him on some issues and agree with him on others”

• 11% said “I agree with him on most issues”

• 16% responded “I fully support him”

(graphic via Hornet)

Overall, among the 10,000 respondents worldwide, 66 percent said they support Biden while 34 percent indicated support for Trump.

What’s surprising is the American LGBTQ community historically skews to the left politically. For Trump to garner slightly higher support in this poll than current national averages raised some eyebrows.

Plus, as has been widely reported, the Trump administration’s track record regarding the LGBTQ community has been hostile on numerous fronts including the transgender military ban, arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court LGBTQ people shouldn’t be protected under federal civil rights law, supporting taxpayer-funded religious adoption agencies that refuse to place children in LGBTQ homes, and opposing passage of The Equality Act.


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The Washington Blade reported that national exit polls for the 2016 presidential campaign showed Hillary Clinton garnered a lopsided 78 percent of the queer vote versus Trump’s 14 percent – which is the lowest percentage for a Republican presidential candidate in modern history.

In 2012, President Obama won 76 percent of the vote compared to Mitt Romney’s 22 percent support.

Of course, many point out Trump’s surprise win in 2016 seemed to defy most polls, so this poll by Hornet could be an outlier.

You can check out more from the Hornet survey here.

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