New Survey Reports Average Penis Size State-By-State, And Which States Tend To Exaggerate To Partners

Researchers at Bespoke Surgical conducted a national survey of over 1,300 men in the U.S. in an effort to determine average penis size (at full erection) in each state, as well as the length they tell potential partners or significant others.


Bespoke says the point of the survey was not to shame (or glorify) any state or region, but to “gain insight on how different areas compare in both their reported size and what they tell others."

The experts add this caveat: "Please bear in mind that this is all self-reported data and is based entirely on the responses provided by the subjects of the study.”

The results? 


The state averages come in anywhere from 5.22 inches to 7.44 inches. The national (self-reported) average came in at 6.41 inches at full erection.

The five states with the highest averages were:

• Alabama (7.44)


• Louisiana (7.15)

• West Virginia (7.00)

• Vermont (6.98)

• Utah (6.97)



The five states with the lowest average were:

• Delaware (5.22 inches) 

• New Mexico (5.36)


• Maryland (5.50)

• Georgia (5.69)

• Rhode Island (5.83)



Remember, this data is all based on self-reporting.

The second half of the study, though, was interesting in that some states exaggerated in what size their share with potential partners while others tend to understate their size.

Note: the national average for the second question was 6.61 inches.

Louisiana (which already reported the second biggest in size) tends to exaggerate the most claiming 8.07 inches, a difference of .92 inches. 


Delaware, which reported the smallest actual average, had the greatest average exaggeration of 1.3 inches.

Although there wasn’t much of a pattern in terms of geography, the survey did note that respondents from the deep south were “guilty of the highest exaggerations” in general.

In the end, though, it’s important to remember, as the saying goes, "It’s all in how you use it."

(h/t Bespoke Surgical)

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