New Survey Says Two Thirds of People Living With HIV Are Afraid Of Telling Dates Their Status

A new survey found that two thirds of UK people living with HIV (or PLWHIV) are too scared to tell dates about their statuses.


The survey run by biopharmaceutical company Gilead, titled “HIV is: Expectations from Life” interviewed 3,245 adults living with and without HIV.

The results found that 69% of PLWHIV have that fear.

In addition, the results found there is a significantly higher stigma towards PLWHIV in the UK compared to other countries in Europe.

44% of UK respondents say there’s a stigma towards long-term relationships/marriage. Meanwhile, only 25% thought so in Germany, 28% in France, 17% in Spain, and 12% in Italy.


That said, the survey did not explore why these numbers exists.

Perhaps, the change in access to knowledge about HIV and PLWHIV has caused this difference. Maybe a lack of contact with PLWHIV can cause an increase or drop in stigma. Without more research, it’s hard to know.


In addition, the survey found that 31% of people living with HIV expect to be single. The fear to commit or admit status is probably a big factor in this statistic. (But again, no attempt at making connects were made in the actual survey).

The survey also found that people living with HIV also expect to live shorter than people without.

The point of the survey was to gather data and not so much to find connections in that data. That said, the data clearly shows a more negative outlook on life for people living with HIV.  

7 thoughts on “New Survey Says Two Thirds of People Living With HIV Are Afraid Of Telling Dates Their Status”

  1. No surprise. Curious what

    No surprise. Curious what those percentages might be in the U.S., where so much personal info is kept in secrecy for fear of rejection or retribution. It's a closet even darker than the one we came out of to reveal our sexuality.

  2. “…Two Thirds of People

    "…Two Thirds of People Living With HIV Are Afraid Of Telling Dates Their Status"

    "…Two Thirds of People Living With Herpes Are Afraid Of Telling Dates Their Status"

    "…Two Thirds of People Living With a Colostomy Bag are Afraid Of…"


    Well no kidding. It's awkward telling a date you have a disgusting lifelong medical condition. But that's the way it is. Wrap it fellas. Every time

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  4. Of course there’s a more

    Of course there's a more negative outlook on life having contracted a lifelong illness. Frankly, if men with HIV were more willing to use condoms casually and in relationships there wouldn't be this "stigma". Things have become much worse in recent years. Many negative men don't want to be pressured into "condomless" sex by a positive man who claims to be "undetectable" and they don't want to be on PrEP. Huge numbers of men who are positive aren't using condoms. .

    • I disagree. Being a positive

      I disagree. Being a positive man and HIV ad locate since the 80's, the epidemiology and numbers show most people who are on treatment and maintaining a non-detectable viral load are proponents of condom usage TO PEOTECT THEMSELVES FROM THISE WHO REFUSE TO GET TESTED.

      My experience shows that, due to antiquated laws which prosecute victims of HIV, that many gay men refuse to know their own status citing that ignorance of their status protects them from prosecution. I.e., if you don't know your own status, you cannot be charged for knowingly exposing or infecting someone else.

      The stigma attached to HIV is real. Using terms like "disgusting", "dirty", etc…., serve no purpose but to perpetuate the stigma. 

      People watch commercials about HOV during breakfast and never bat an eye, but whisper conspiratorially when HIV is mentioned. This attitude needs to change.

      We all have sex, and sexual health is something that needs to be recognized and addressed, like mental health, dental health, et al.

      We talk about "Gay Pride", but hide the exclusivity that takes place within our "communities". Let's address the issues of community health on all levels. Until we can TRULY pull together and live united and inclusive of everyone, I out "Pride" and Community" is merely a charade. We are no better than the churches or politicians who act and preach against us much the same way.


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