New Underwear Line Makes It Easy To Adjust Your Jewels!

New Underline Line Allows You To Adjust Your Junk In Public!

Have you ever had to dig in your pants to adjust your junk?

Now it seems you won’t have too!

Eletrunks, made in Brooklyn, New York are calling to all of us who have experienced the shame of adjusting! It's the absolute worst when you have to adjust in public! No more running to the nearest public bathroom to become comfortable! With a pulley system via string, you’re able to adjust your jewels without drawing attention towards yourself. It's like a hand puppet, but better.

The owner of Eletrunks states:

“I came up with the idea while riding a motorcycle in Colombia. I had problems readjusting and it got painful. I designed a pair of underwear that changes the functionality of underwear today.”

Although I find jockstraps the most comfortable to wear, I am one hundred percent on board with these! They are affordable and I’d love to stop grabbing myself walking on sweaty, summer days in Los Angeles! Let’s hope the brand expands and can come in cute designs and colors in the vein of Marco Marco!  

Would you purchase Eletrunks to save yourself the hassle?!

They look great from the back, too!

Check out the sexy owner, Michael, showing off the trunks in the promotional video below!



2 thoughts on “New Underwear Line Makes It Easy To Adjust Your Jewels!”

  1. Can we stop using the word

    Can we stop using the word "junk"?  I don't know about the rest of you, but I will NEVER think of any parts of my own body (or any other man's) as "junk".  This unfortunate slang term needs to just go away.

  2. Why would you show a woman

    Why would you show a woman who has no junk to adjust in a video introducing us to your new product? 


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